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Food Outlet

Project : Martabak Boss Food Outlet
Use : Portable food outlet
Size : 1x20', 14.8 sqm
Delivery : Jakarta (Menteng, Panglima Polim, Gunawarman, Tomang, Jatinegara, Gandaria ) 2014-2015
Client : Martabak Boss

We convert containers into food outlet, food stall, kiosk, booth, stand, cafe, bar, mini-resto, whatever it's called pick an eye cathing color for your fortune box that may attracts people to come. This is fully customized to your need, be creative!

We work hand in hand with you and with our dedicated delivery team to ensure your container project is built to the highest standards.
Our engineers and fabrication team are all very experienced and take pride in superior workmanship.

Quality and Innovation are our spirit!

- Company's Commitment -

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