Container Jakarta situated at the central business area of container in Cakung, East Jakarta, just on the left side of Tol JORR, only 2 Km from the exit Tol Cakung Barat.

We owned spacious container yard 2000 sqm capable to stack container up to 250 TEUs, and workshop capable to lay-up 40 TEUs container conversion work at once which supported by lifting equipment to ensure fast and safe movement of container in yard.

  • Container Workshop or Yard total 2000 sqm
  • Capable to handle container modification up to 40 TEUs  at once
  • Forklift 13 tons lifting capability
  • Mobile Crane 20 ton lifting capability

The workshop yard is monitored from the Upper Control Room assisted with 16 points CCTV Cameras to ensure production procedure and speed are performed as per company SOP, as well as to ensure a safe container storage and workplace.