Why choose Container Jakarta™?

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Why choosing Container Jakarta?


What are the benefits you will gain from our product & services?



  1. We create and offer a various choices on model & type of container conversion product to clients, which deliver high-values; quality, comfortable living-container yet cost effective, and durable. Do your favor on hi-durability (for long term use), comforts, an exclusive office cabin? or do you concern to function and rather prefer a low budget one? Choice is yours!
  2. The materials composition briefed in the detail specification of all models are only high quality standard which comply with National (SNI) and International standard that concern to safety and durability. Thus, we helping client to safe cost on repairs, maintenance & replacement after years of purchase on either model you choose.
  3.  We allow client to inspect the fabrication process, at client own expense, while we do provide notification and progress report to client; a.   On the beginning and during progress of fabrication b.  When fabrication has completed.
  4. We fully responsible to conduct fabrication as per agreed specification and provide excellent quality of workmanship as per best proven practice. If client found any sub-standard on the material and quality at time of inspection, we shall re-works it at “Free of charge”.
  5. Our container product are through QC inspection and approval prior delivery to client. For us, Client’s satisfaction and peace of mind after-sales are our truest goal. Though, we do give guarantee such as Leakage and structural damages of container, electrical, and paint color retention.

  6. We committed to produce the best & durable product with quality assurance, even more, money back guaranteed!
  7. It’s a complete package offers from us that you might not get from other. Transparent & Detail in specification – Reasonable Price – the Best by Quality. If it is all here. Why taking risk?



Thank you for choosing Container Jakarta